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'''Tucson''' is a city in [[Arizona]].
== I-10 Hitchhiking out ==
[[File:Tucsonmonsoon.jpg|thumb|right|300px|You don't wanna be caught in the monsoon rain unexpectedly]]
=== Heading East towards [[New Mexico]] (I-10) ===Take the * '''Pilot Travel Center in Littletown'''First get to Laos Transit Center. From there take bus (26 to Triple T/Pilot Travel Center. It costs $12.00) as far east as it will go (Harrison Rd), continue walking about a mile down The onramp has plenty of space to Houghton Rd and head southpull over. From here youIt'll probably want s good to try hitching out to the interstatemake a sign saying Benson, where you can find another good truck stop, seeing as its quite a lengthy walk. it may also help just to hitch get out to Rita Ranch, a prominent housing development much closer to the freeway. There are plenty of good spots to stand just before the on-rampTucson.
 === Heading North towards [[Phoenix]] (I-10) and West towards [[San Diego]] (I-8) ===
Take the bus ($1.00) to downtown Tucson then, or if you're already near by, walk to speedway and head west to I-10. it should be rather easy to find. This ramp attracts most people from the east, west and central parts of town. Construction of the four lane finished recently, but it hasn't eased congestion. All exiting and merging traffic is diverted to the frontage roads, so you might want to try your luck there on the corner. There is a Circle K right at this ramp, so you can get courtesy cups of water if you are waiting for long.
=== Heading South towards [[Nogales ]] (I-19) ===
Walk to where the I-10 and I-19 intersect; there is a GREAT great spot with lots of room to pull over, and multiple cops passed by and didn't harass me. Make sure to get a ride at least out of Tucson city limits, as this may well be the only on-ramp out of the city where there is space to pull over. (June 2013)

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