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Far from the big cities you won't need any special spot: everywhere looking like a safe place (ie: cars not going to fast/can see you from far/can stop almost safely) will be fine. The traffic in the countryside is never too big and they can really stop everywhere, sometimes even in spite of the most basic driving rules. You can experience a large variety of lifts: slow drivers and crazy drivers, brand new luxury cars and (especially) 30 years old car, sometimes you can find yourself very packed with many people, or on the back of a van/pick-up.
Sometimes is not easy to understand if the incoming van is a local bus or just a normal van. The first time you see one you'll probably stop it not understand its a bus.. they're anyway nice and if you explain you don't have money (something like "makeneis fluss" in Arabic) they'll either go away without any complaints or maybe give you a free ride.
Sometimes European-style gas station hitchhiking is not easy to understand if possible on the incoming van is motorways, which are quite busy and in very good shape. They are a local bus or just good way to cover long distances in a normal vanshort time, especially between the big cities. The first time employees might not allow you see one to approach drivers at gas stations, but will usually offer to find a ride for you'll probably stop it not understand its a bus, which might seem weird at first, and also seems to take longer than asking people yourself, but definitely works.. they're anyway nice Otherwise, the rest area and restaurant are often separate from the gas station and if you explain you don't have money (something like "makeneis fluss" in Arabic) there are no employees there, so they'll either go away without any complaints or maybe give you are also a free ridegood spot to ask drivers.
== Cities ==
In some places, especially near trucking routes, there are semi-permanent tents made of plastic sheeting wrapped around a timber frames. These are usually empty though you may want to ask first.
If the night is coming close and you're in a rural area, you will often find groups of women sitting outside and talking. If you ask them for a place to set up your tent, you will usually be shown a corner somewhere close to peoples' houses where you can then camp with some "protection".
=== Getting invited into people's homes ===
If you are humble and kind, you will easily receive invitations. Sometimes the hospitality is exhausting and you may want to take a cheap hotel for some privacy and space to breathe.
=== Hospitality ===
Morocco is famous for its hospitality and if you spend some time hitchhiking around the country, someone will sooner or later invite you for tea, food, or a place to sleep. To be polite, and to find out whether the invitation is genuine, it is wise to refuse at least once. If people really want to invite you they will insist, and you can accept in good conscience after the second or third time. Sometimes, people might offer you to stay with them if you ever come to their town, but only do so out of politeness, in which case it might not be very nice to respond with something like "yeah, definitely, what's your number, so I can call you when I get there?". But many people also genuinely want to help you out and will offer you to take down their phone number in case you need a place to stay or any help at all, and if you feel like they are serious about it, it is definitely not rude to accept and call them later if you want to take them up on it.
It might be a good idea to make yourself aware of the overall social / economic situation of people who invite you, as you might meet both very rich and very poor people, and even a very poor person might offer to pay for food, transport or other expenses, even if they cannot really afford it. In these cases, if someone invites you to spend the night at their home, if you can afford it, why not pay for groceries, or at least bring a small gift, like a pack of tea, sugar or some fruits... A little extra food every once in a while will most probably not put a dent in your budget.
== Personal Experiences ==

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