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=== South towards [[Berlin]], [[Rostock]], [[Travemünde]], [[Sassnitz]] ([[Rügen]]) (all [[Germany]]) and [[Poland]] ===
Use the ferry port terminal (see map), stand with a sign where the cars enter while passing by slowlyFerries between Sweden and Germany now have to paid per person, taking a good glance at your destinationso hitching is no longer possible. Sometimes there are mostly Germans heading south, among Tickets should be around 12€ if you book in advance and can cost up to 25€ if you buy them many going to [[Berlin]] (indicated with a "B" on the number plate). Other times there will be mostly Swedish families. Chances are probably best 1-2 hours before departure of the ferry. Fees are paid by car, not by passengerarrival.
: ''We tried on January 3, in deepest winter, but on a sunny day, got lucky with a ferry A free alternative to Rostock and made it all the way to Berlin. Make sure you don't carry anything illegal with you. The ferry departs at 15:30 and you might want to check on the passenger terminal at about 15:00 to make sure you don't miss it, in case no-one picks you up. Drivers are getting more hectic afterwards and tend to ignore you, but it might still be possible. Anyway, if you don't make it: the ferry fee for students to Travemünde Germany would be €15 per person.''{{IsIn|Skåne}} : ''12th August 2011, according to the guide - we asked one of the drivers apparantly on a business trip to take us on a ferry - he accepted us without any problems and we went free with him all the way to the Bavaria in Germany! - so, don't hesitate and ask at the cars waiting in front of a gate.''  : ''27th June 2012, I was standing there alone. The second car I asked agreed to take me just on board. After that as we were waiting in detour through Denmark via the line to the ferry I took a walk, found a car going to Czech Republic and had a ride directly to near PragueØresund Bridge. So just simply ask the personal cars just to take From Denmark you on board. You have to find can hitchihike a car that didn't book the ticket earlier. And after you are in the waiting queue just start asking the cars around if they would take you after the voyage. Should be fine with you'' : ''September 8th, 2016, hitchhiking ferry to Sassnitz, I had to pay 195 Swedish Crowns (20€) for spontaneously adding another person on the ticket of the driverGermany or even go overland. Apparently, Stena Line has changed their regulations about last minute changes of number of passengers in the car"''''

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