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Second option is to walk down the road from the train station, at the crossing walk to the right, pass the small local train station, follow the road for another 500m (along a gas station), and walk right again at the next crossing. There you'll find a bus stop which is easy and fine to hitchhike rides out of town, which otherwise would be some 2 or 3 km of walking at least. Let you bring to the "Metro" shopping center thing, there you'll find a huge roundabout which roads going all directions, including Shehyni. There's also a very nice hitchhiking spot 100m further off the roundabout, with a restaurant next to it and satisfying light installations for night hitchhikers.
=== Northeast toward [[Rivne]], [[Kyiv|Kiev]] {{E|40}} M06 ===
Take marshrutka (minibus) #8, #14, #36A or #39 from near the Shevchenko monument in the city center. Go till the last stop ''Halytske perehrestya'' '''(Галицьке перехрестя)''' (except for #14 which goes a bit further, so ask the driver to stop at ''Halytske perehrestya''). All the buses stop in the middle of kinda market square. Look around, there must be a bus stop and a gas station hundred meters leftward and a bridge. Go under the bridge and walk 100m ahead. [ The hitchhiking spot] is in front of the gas station. [[File:Lviv-Kiev_HH_spot.JPG|350px|thumb|right|Lviv towards Kiev hitchhiking spot]]

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