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{{background}}'''Adding [[La Bufadora]] is a new page''' at very touristy place, but hitch-hiking works well here, so there won’t be any problem in getting there from [[HitchwikiMonadero]] is easy. You can create If you’re looking for a link cool and safe place to not yet existing pages camp in relevant articles that area, go to the small peninsula on the east from [[La Bufadora]] (such as country or region articlesthe one with La Marina restaurant) by adding square brackets around . This piece of land is full of villas where foreign people live. You will easily catch a ride to the name very end of the peninsula and find a perfect beach to camp on. Very calm and safe place. Make sure to camp behind the dunes, such as <nowiki>[[Name of it might be windy in the Place]]</nowiki>nightThere's no need Ask local people for hot water to worry about formatting or spelling. Quite a few people regularly check [[Special:Recentchanges|Hitchwiki's most recent changes]] at least once a week make some tea, and they'll keep in mind that you might even be very happy invited to the house to see you new addition - and they will consequently edit and make it look more like other articles on Hitchwikihave a snack{{stub}}  {{we-love-participation}}

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