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==== Option 1: Raststätte Michendorf ====
# Take a regional train (e.g. RE7 direction Dessau, check for route information) from the centre and get off at Michendorf (zones ABC, EUR 3.30). Leave the station at the left side (in direction of the train). Turn right into the Potsdamer Straße and walk south ≈1.7 km on Potsdamer Straße until it ends (it bends right and is called An der Autobahn then). Keep walking straight ahead on a footpath and cross the tunnel under the Autobahn A10. After the tunnel, turn right on a sandy path through the forest. Follow the track until you are at the hamburger restaurant Mcdonalds at the [[rest area]]. The petrol station is after the restaurant and seems to be better for getting rides.# Take bus 643 from ''Potsdam Hbf'', direction Busendorf, and get off at ''Michendorf, Bergheide''. Walk back 40 m in the direction the bus came from to the junction. There will be a small road going to the left, through the forest. Follow this road for ≈1 km to the Mcdonalds/Raststätte.
==== Option 2: Raststätte Am Fichtenplan ====

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