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=== North/West/East towards [[London, Cardiff, Bristol]] ===
Walk down to the end of ''London Road'' until you get to the large roundabout. You want the first exit for the '''A46''' which goes to the '''M4'''. There are two lanes and so a vehicle can stop for you in one of these lanes (there is no layby at this junction). Most drivers will be driving to the '''M4''' ('''J 18''') from this roundabout - the motorway onramps at '''J 18''' (''East and West'') have plenty of space for vehicles to pull over. Using a sign here could take you a long distance in either direction, to ''[[London]], [[Wales'' ]] or even ''North'' up the '''M5''' [[User:Xael Impala]] often hitches up to ''Worcestershire'' using this route).
=== South-East towards [[Trowbridge, Warminster, Salisbury]] ===

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