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* '''Roundabout ''Rataje'''''
Get to '''''Rondo Rataje''''' (roundabout). There are plenty of trams and buses going there. You can hitch just behind it, on a dual carriegeway (the one without tram tracks). There's no emergency lane or bus stop, but drivers generally stop there, and you may even expect some competition there, as it's popular spot for students hitching back from school. From the same spot you can hitch southeast towards [[Katowice]], so make a sign.
:This spot is not good, I got stuck here for several hours with another hitchhiker until I gave up and took the bus. The stop appears like it should be a very good one but no one will stop. Not recommended. (08/2016).
* <b>Junction <i>Poznań Luboń</i></b>

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