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'''Klagenfurt''' (''Celovec'' in Slovene) is a city in [[Austria]]. Its the capital of the Austrian state of [[Carinthia]].
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== Heading west or north ===
For western and northern direction it might be best be driving to the park&ride on the western part of the city, near Wörthersee via bus (1,80 euro). But even as many cars were passing by, though no one stopped for us in about 2-3 hours (we went by train, then).
In Klagenfurt the A2 (E66) motorway takes you either east or west. If you are heading south there is another good option to hitchhike in the city, but there is no motorway.  === Heading west towards [[Villach]], [[Salzburg]], [[Italy]] & [[Slovenia]] {{Aat|2}} {{IsInE|Austria66}}=== If you are heading west the ''Park & Ride'' near lake ''Wörthersee'' might be your best option. Take bus number 10 from ''Heiligengeistplatz'' (next to the city center) to ''Minimundus P+R''. It should take you about 10 minutes to get there by bus. Just hitchhike from the bus stop directly, there is a motorway onramp some 200m down the road. You might also find rides going east, it is however less likely than in the east of the city. To get to this hitchhiking spot you can also take the S1 train from Klagenfurt main station in direction of Villach. Get off at ''Klagenfurt West'', walk down to the four lane road (it is parallel to the tracks) and there is the bus stop. Other If you want to go to '''Slovenia''' you should consider trying the optionindicated below. There are not a lot of cars going to Slovenia via Villach. ''Personal experience'':But even as many cars were passing by, though no one stopped for us in about 2-3 hours (we went by train, then). === Heading east towards [[Graz]], [[Vienna]] & [[Hungary]] {{Aat|2}} {{E|66}} === If you are heading east the roundabout next to IKEA and METRO might be a good option for you. Take bus number 50 from ''Heiligengeistplatz'' (next to the city center) to ''IKEA''. The bus journey takes about 20 minutes. Next to the IKEA parking there is a big roundabout just before the A2 motorway onramp. Cars can stop there because there is one street just coming from a parking lot next by. === Heading south towards [[Ljubljana]] {{E|652}} === Heading south for Slovenia and Ljubljana your best option in Klagenfurt is probably not the motorway. There is a lot of traffic from Slovenia going to Klagenfurt (and vice versa) via the ''Loibl/Ljubelj Pass''. Take bus number 80 or 85 from ''Heiligengeistplatz'' (next to the city center) to ''Südring''. Hitchhike from the bus stop, it is next to a traffic light. There is usually a lot of traffic to Slovenia. == Other useful information ===== Internet ===You have access to free Wi-Fi at the main railway station in Klagenfurt. The shopping mall ''City Arkaden'' in the city center also offers free Wi-Fi, as well as IKEA does.
Go to IKEA. It's close to the motorway A2, which leads north. In front of IKEA there is a roundabout. Try to hitchhike from there. It has one street that just enters the roundabout from some parking... so cars passing by on the roundabout could stop there to let you in.
(got a ride within 5 minutes - well, as a girl HH alone)

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