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Asking people for a lift towards Berlin on the {{Ade|9}} or towards Magdeburg on the {{Ade|14}} (which is also the way to go for Hamburg) usually works just fine here.
Do keep in mind that the The first rest stop going north from here will be '''[[:de:Köckern Ost|Köckern Ost]]''' on the {{Ade|9}} whereas , that isn't too far. On the {[Ade|14]}, it would be is '''[[:de:Plötzetal Ost|Plötzetal Ost]]''' which is past Halle. Most of the A14 traffic goes to Halle so you might want to get the ride anyway and get off at the non-gas-station rest area that is on the {{Ade|14}}A14, before Halle but after the branch-off to Berlin.
=== East towards [[Dresden]] {{Ade|14}} {{Ade|38}} ===

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