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Hi. I see you deleted some stuff [[User:PeterOB]] wrote in [[Trains#Germany]]. Don't you think you should mention it on his talk page? It does seem far-fetched that somebody would go to ''jail'' for blackriding. (Maybe Peter is a DB agent, trying to discourage us with misinformation?) But it still doesn't seem right to delete information without a mention.
I was informed in such a way that my technique for Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket-hitchhiking is no longer possible ([[]]). [[User:Mohit]] removed the information from [[Deutsche Bahn]], but the information is still written on [[Trains#Germany]]. I will remove that too, leaving the section empty! I'll going to replace it with a summary of the [[Deutsche Bahn]] article and include a link there for more information.

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