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This page is a central dump Archived location proposals for the organization of the 2016 Hitchgathering. Discussion happens at '''[ the mailing list]''' and [ the hitchgathering facebook group] '''This is a wiki. You see something that's wrong, edit. You think something is missing, edit.''' Location of the place is still undecided. YOU can help to organise it. Time: Early August= Location Proposals =
See [[Hitchgathering/2016]] for more.
== Lille Stensrud area in Oslo, Norway. ==
Im thinking of the area surounding this lake:
'''Pictures:'''[], [],
'''Maps:'''- * [ Google]- * [ Norgeskart]- * [ Norgeibilder]
'''About the place: Its '''It's a strip of forest that its outside Oslo, 15km south, well connected by bus or bike. bus is 30kr adult and 15kr child (3 euro adult / 1,5 euro child, you can ride with child tickets to get in the bus and if a control comes you just get the fine unless you live in Norway and wanna stay out of trouble). The lake is one of my favorites in Oslo, its a perfect balance between size, warmth and hidden. Mind that there are many other beautiful lakes very close by (short walking distance).
I dont think its a land that its owned by someone and if so, its probably one of those big companies that are trying to turn the forest into block buildings in the next years. I have been squatting in the area for some time, the forest is full with cabins (most of them trashed, some in good shape) that can be used trough the whole year to live in. While squatting, never got any problems. Authorities dont roam around the area as the whole Lille Stensrud area is kind of the white trash / freaks area of Oslo. So I dont promise no problems but I wouldn't expect much. Also, if the authorities come, the lake is half in Oslo district and half in Akershus, which is a different jurisdiction. So if we wanna play legal cool we can just "cross the border" and no more problems with Oslo. Also, good to remember that Scandinavian countries have the every-man's land right, which means you can camp everywhere for a maximum of 2 nights, but that is when you have been spotted by the right authorities and what you do is just move camp and that's it. Also, if you treat the place with respect, even in national parks the authorities are cool with people using the areas.

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