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The place used to be a car camp place 30 years ago, then it used to be a venue for a punk festival, but now it's totally empty. It's hitchable. The nearest supermarket is in Jadrija, some 50 minutes on foot, although if you walk halfway to the crossroads, Jadrija people are quite willing to pick you up. Also, ppl from Jadrija are used to seeing campers there, thanks to the punk festival that was organised there some 15 years in a row.
It's swimmable, it used to be the most popular swimming place for people of Šibenik before 1960s. [Photos]: (In the 1960s they all moved to build small summer houses in aforementioned Jadrija.)
I don't think there is a big chance of you getting kicked out because the place is unused and kinda abandoned.
Here's the map: [,15.8772754/43.7267792,15.8466928/@43.7330906,15.8519753,14.75z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2Check]

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