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Senlis has no train station, but you still buy the ticket from a train station. From Paris Nord, go to Chantilly and switch to a bus to Senlis at the "gare routière" right outside of Chantilly's train station with your ticket. Once there, you need to walk a little and you'll find a "[[péage|péage]]". The bus driver gave me the directions. This should take around one hour.
=== East towards [[Metz]], [[Strasbourg]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Germany]] (A4) {{Afr|4}} ===
==== Via petrol Option 1: Motorway service station ''Aire de Ferrières'' ====
''Quite long trip and a bit expensive. Takes you to a great petrol station (good for both day and night hitching); better if you speak French.''
The first petrol station is close to the Take RER A to station ''Bussy St.Georges''. You can also get to this RER A station by taking bus 4 or 44 from the metro station ''Gutenberg''.'' From Make your way west to the RER A station, D35 and then walk south along it for about 1km along a bigger road which will lead you to a roundabout. You can try hitchhiking from here, but the needed petrol service station will be is just a bit more than 2 km from here. You can walk on the grass field next to the motorway - don't choose this way in the morning or in autumn/winter as the grass is wet. The petrol station is called ''Aire de Ferrières'' and it's a "TOTAL" company.
Another option to reach this petrol station is to walk through the industrial zone of the ''Bussy'' district, which lies south of the railway, crossing the bridge over the motorway and then continuing on by walking on the grass until the actual petrol station (note that as of February 2011, there was a nice-sized fence to hop after crossing the bridge. Nothing too difficult, but a big backpack makes it harder!). Most of the walk will be on the road which means you will save some time while at the same time such a walk won't be so annoying if you happen to hitchhike in winter (then you apparently don't want to go through the fields).
==== Motorway junction slip-road ====
''This one is close to Paris, faster and cheaper to get to, but still in the megapolis. Starting from there, you're likely to end up either at the petrol station described above or at the péage described above. Not good at night.''
Take the RER Line A (Red) in the direction of ''Boissy St Legere'' until the station ''Nogent Sur Marne'' (€2.75 (2016)). Leave the station in direction of ''Rue Joinville'' and follow the sign to the A4. It is a 30 minute walk. There is a red light before the slip road (on-ramp). Lots of traffic, possibility to stop on the ramp for brave drivers.

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