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=== From/to Sweden ===
Ferries to Stockholm go from [[Helsinki]] and [[Turku]]. The latter is considerably cheaper. Both ferries also stop in [[Maarianhamina]] ([[Åland Islands|Ahvenanmaa]]), or [[Mariehamn]] ([[Åland Islands|Åland]]), as its Swedish-speaking population calls it. It is possible to buy a deck ticket to Maarianhamina only and yet ride the whole way as nobody is checking. The two companies which run ferries between Finland and Sweden are [ ''Viking Line''] and [ ''Silja Line'']. Both of the companies are focused on bringing the customers a cruise-experience, and are bound to be tacky. ''Viking Line'' sells cheaper tickets without a cabin, too, which would be rather useless on the daytime trips between [[Turku]] and [[Stockholm]] anyway. As of August 2009June 2016, a morning ferry from Stockholm to Turku (and vice-versa) costs 15 euros€15, and Stockholm-Helsinki - 55 euros (both without a and vice versa) costs from €88 (the latter includes compulsory cabinreservation, although and prices vary according to season and ; also, special offers can put the price belowe 10 eurosbelow €10).
''Silja Line'' is the posher of the two, and thus more expensive. It's still tacky, though.
The ''Viking Line'' cruise ships have free tourist maps of Turku at their information desks on board. Be aware, though, that if you take a daytime cruise (which is about half the price), you will arrive in Turku at night. During the autumn, winter and early spring that means no daylight which is no help for hitchhiking. In winter nights, extremely cold temperatures might occur as well.
A decidedly more exciting option is to do island hopping on the small [ ''car ferries''] running from Turku to Maarianhamina. For footpassengers foot passengers, this option is free. You can continue to Sweden with one of the above mentioned companies or [ "Eckerö Lines"]
There are also ferries crossing the Bothnic Gulf from the Finnish city of [[Vaasa]] to the Swedish city of [[Umea]] and vice-versa. The ferry goes eight times a week (see the schedule [ here]). Crossing will cost you around 30 euro but it is a quite comfortable trip.

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