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* ''[[User:NixyJungle|NixyJungle]]'' (2011-2015) I was HH two times on the "on ramp" and waiting for about 30 minutes until I got a ride. Not good spot at all. Most of the cars go inside the city. Walk to the petrol station called AVIA (200 meters). You will see it from this "on ramp" spot. I hitchhiked there many times. Not so much cars, but the ones that stops for petrol, usually go to the toll gate Bubanj Potok. Depends on traffic, you could wait between 1 and 30 minutes. At least, you are not standing on a dusty road, but waiting like a gentleman for a car to pick you up :)
* ''[[User:TurtleGrass|TurtleGrass]] (August 2015) Went with this option, following the 'RAMPA' advice, worked out great! Only waited about 30mins.
* works great, I had to wait about 5 mins to get to the toll station, then about an hour to get a ride from the toll station all the way to Niš. Watch out for the police though, they will move you further down the road if you stand too close to the toll station. (may 2016)
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