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I first hitchhiked in 2004 but started doing it often in 2006.
Here are my recent trips:
''Adventure #60:'' '''To The Castle!''', 149km, March 2014
''Adventure #61:'' '''The Magnificent Seven''', 16km, June 2014
''Adventure #62:'' '''The Golden Cat of La Gomera''', 151km, March 2015
''Adventure #64:'' '''Killarney or bust''', 703km, August 2015
''Adventure #65:'' '''Eduardo O Valente''', 4km, April 2016
<span style="color:red">'''Please check [[User:Tmoon/log|my log]] for an overview of all my adventures.'''</span>
''Distance travelled:'' '''27969km27973km''': 9428km alone, 13682km 13686km with one other hitchhiker, 4025km in a group of three, 816km in a group of four, 2km in a group of five, never in a group of six, and 16km in a group of seven; hitched road vehicles for 27378km 27382km (including 9km by bus, 39km by coach, 63km by taxi, and one Eurotunnel journey), trains for 590km, trams for 1km, and not hitched by sea or air... yet
''Longest lift:'' '''589km''', from [[Povegliano Est]] ([[A22 (Italy)|A22]] services near [[Verona]], Italy), to [[Feucht]] ([[A9 (Germany)|A9]] services near [[Nürnberg]], Germany), in September 2009. The driver was going from [[Bologna]] to [[Szczecin]], and took four hitchhikers in a five-seater car at the same time
''Furthest distance in 12 hours:'' '''1033km''', from [[Bisenzio Est]] ([[A1 (Italy)|A1]] services near [[Firenze]], Italy), to [[Frankfurt am Main]], Germany, in September 2009
''Countries hitchhiked (earliest first):'' [[Belgium]], [[Germany]], [[Netherlands]], [[Poland]], [[Lithuania]], [[Latvia]], [[Estonia]], [[Sweden]], [[Denmark]], [[Switzerland]], [[Italy]], [[Austria]], [[United Kingdom]], [[France]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Slovakia]], [[Ireland]], [[Isle of Man]], [[Israel]], [[Monaco]], [[Slovenia]], [[Iceland]], [[Spain]], [[Andorra]], [[Portugal]]
''Most useful lift:'' Gabor the Hungarian, who picked us up at [[Pforzheim Nord]] ([[A8 (Germany)|A8]] services near [[Pforzheim]], Germany) and didn't care where he was going - he wanted to be a personal taxi service. So we got him to take us to a mate's house in [[Kelkheim]], 177km away. Although neither of us trusted him, and he tried to abduct my travelling partner, it was one hell of a useful lift
==Planned hitchhiking trips==
[[Image:Sheffieldbedroomwall.jpg|thumb|right|300px|A collection of [[signs]] used in 2006. 2015 2016 collection under construction.]]
None. But if you're around Manchester, let me know.

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