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== [[Sweden]] ==
Sweden is really big country from South to North (about 2000 km) and about 300-400 km widefrom East to West. But there are not so much many inhabitants (about 9,5 mil. But about 7 mil. Ingenious people). Population density is not so bad in south (highest density in south province Scannia and close to Stockholm- south from capital city). Hitchhiking in Sweden is not really easy (worse than average), but not really bad. Many cars drive for short distance and there are not so many good places for standingon main roads. Weather is really hostile sometimes. A lot of rain, and a lot of mosquitoes during summer and very short days during winter time, very long days during summer time, especially in the north. Temperature during winter can be -10 to -20 in south, -30 in the middle and -40 in north (Lapland) during arctic wave. And in north regions – there is really small amount of carsand small population density or roads network. Public transport (train, buses) is quite good developed and expensive. And interval to next train or bus can be pretty long with terribly weather in north part. [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was dancing in all types of train, include high-speed trains (SJ Snagstaab) with long distance between stops. He was captured many times. But he was always kicked out of train, nobody wants his ID. But in one case - conductor from high-speed train gave message to next trains and [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] has not unusual appearence. It was difficult to get into train for him with many luggage. It was difficult for him to get into next train. '''It is written on the train door, that you can get fine SEK 1200 in SJ trains or SEK 1000 resp. DKR 750 in Oresundstag Oresundstaag train. But probably only for Swedish people - they can maybe get fine. If you speak English and not Swedish, you will be not asked for ID or fine.''' The fine SEK 1200 is too in Goteborg public transport, but that is question, if you get fine like non-Swedish resident.
You can take train for free in Sweden quite easily, especially in the south. There are many dancing companies in Sweden. Some dance dancing companies run trains for long distances journey (it can be more than 1000 km) and distances between stops can be quite far, especially in high-sped dance floorand in the north. You can not buy ticket in this type of train, only in local trains with a lot of stops. If you are captured, you just have to leave train. There is written on the door that penalty is SEK 1000 or SEK 1200, but [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was captured many times and he was always kicked out of train (Maybe, Swedish people can get penalty, but if you speak English, you wont be asked for ID). But you can buy ticket in inside local dance floors with pretty many stops. If you have no money, you will be kicked out of train easily.
Conductor usually do not check toilet, especially if you keep doors without locking and wait during ticket checking. In south There (Oresundstaag-- OTU dancing company) are usually a lot of passengers in south of Sweden and WC is occupied most of time is WC occupied, but more north are trains quite empty and toilets are free for long most of time. High sped speed train is good for WC tactic. But some passengers want go to toilet too. Conductor usually check only new passengers and he goes back after it. If you try to walk around conductor, he can registered you and he will ask for ticket on way back. Better is be hidden between passengers, who were already checked, if possible. Ticket inspection is quite fast in Sweden, because of not so many passengers. So walking around conductor to area, where tickets was already checked, do not work. Local trains with many stops – you can use short distant ticket trick, that you buy ticket not for whole journey. But tickets are quite expensive (about Eur 10 for 30-40 km). You can buy ticket too in local trainwith lot of stops. But trains with long journey (EC, IC, X2, Arctic circle train …) have seat reservation obligatory and ticket can belongs usually belong to personal name. It is impossible to get ticket in inside this long-journey train, ticket can be sold only with credit card in platform station or by internet (not by cash). In local trains – you can try that you have ticket in phone but battery is empty. It does not work in long distance trains (at least SJ company) – because conductor have tickets database with personal names online from internet. You can try to tell that your friend is booking your ticket just now.
When you come to platform, there is usually info about train departures and arrivals. There are written many things for every train – final destination and train company, departure time and 2-3 stops during journey before final destination, but not all stops, of course. You can find all stops and time table for journey at (select Vlaky).
You can try something in buses – you can pay only with credit card in buses, so just show cash and ask how much it cost. You will ask for bank card and if you do not have, you will probably get free ride. You can pay with cash only in local trains with many stops.
'''First type of dance floor is SJ SnaagstabSnagstaab''' (green X2 on It is high-speed dance floor with distances between stops 30-100 km and it run quite fast. 200 kph is maximum speed. This dance floor have usually 5-7 wagons and 3th ,4th 5th wagon is with small bistro , and there are conductorsin bistro wagon. Many blue dancers are in this type of dance floor, usually 3-5 per train. Ticket inspection is usually once 1-3 stations. They check new passengers only, but ticket checking is quite hardand fast. You can watch around and when blue dancers checking tickets, you can go to toilet, do not lock the door and wait for a while (conductors usually do not check toilets and you sit there like shitting). But be careful – when blue dancers go back and they see you – you will be checked. And 2-3 conductors are checking tickets together, so it is quite fast and walking around conductors does not work because they will go back and they will check you. But not at beginof journey, later only, you can try to play that you have been in train for long time – conductor check new passengers only. If you are asked for a ticket, you can try to say that you lost ticket or you have ticket in phone but battery is empty. Then you will be asked for name, because each ticket belongs to name, reference number, train and seat reservation. You can try to say name, which is common in Sweden. But if you will be found like person without ticket, you have to leave train in next stop, you will be probably never fined. Interval to next dance floor is usually 2 hours (3-12 or hours hours more hours at north) and interval between stops is 30-100 km, but last dance floor is going not so late, about 18-20 o clock. If your apperence is not usual or if you have a lot of luggage, blue dancers can give echo for next trains. Try to get into train hidden between another passengers and as far as possible from bistro wagon, where conductors usually are. They will go out of train on the platform in every stop. There are only big platforms stations with heated waiting room in stops station for this dance floor. [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] was dancing last winter by this type of train, and conductors gave echo for all next trains. He can not get into one train and he was easily found and kicked out in next trains. The line for this type of dance floor is once 2 hours '''from Copenhagen or Malmo to Stockholm with 8 stops''' (Copenhagen, Malmo, Lund, Hassleholm, Alvesta, Nassjo, Mjolby, Linkoping, Norrkoping, Sodertajle, Stockholm) and once 2 hours '''from Malmo to Goteborg with 3 stops''' (Lund, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Goteborg and some trains continue to Skovde and Katrineholm).
Every 3 hours runs dance floor '''from Stockholm to Karlstad''' (about 59 lattitude, close to big lake) with stops: Stockholm, Sodertajle, Katrineholm, Hallsberg , Degerforos, Kristinehamn, Karlstad). But twice a day dance floor is going '''from Stockholm to Oslo''' (15:59 and 11:06 from Stockholm to Oslo). Dance floor in 11:06 stops in all big stops and continue to Arvika, Kongsvinger, Oslo), but dance floor from 11:06 has not so much stops (Stockholm 11:06 long time nothing, Karlstad 18:07-18:09, Arvika 18:44, Kongsvinger, 19:26-19:27 and Oslo S (central) 20:28. There are border checking in Oslo S station and it can be everywhere. If you are kicked out in Kongsvinger, you can easily take local orange dance floor to Oslo without checking. Direct highs-peed speed dance floors '''from Oslo to Stockholm''' have departures from Oslo 6:02 (with all big stops) and from Oslo 16:56 (Oslo 16:56, Kongsvinger 18:03 , Arvika, 18:46, Karlstad 19:27-19:32, Hallsberg 20:30, Katrineholm 20:54 and Stockholm 21:50). This dance floor meets in Arvika with dance floor from Stockholm to Oslo in Arvika.
There is every hour high -sped dance floor '''Goteborg-Stockholm''' and back with not so many stops (for example Goteborg 18:30 Skovde 19:33 Katrineholm 20:37 and Stockholm 21:31), first train from Goteborg 5:05 and last trains from Goteborg 18:30 and 20:30. Some dance floors X2 stops in Sodertalje Syd. You can try go by night dance floor NZ 92 (Goteborg 18:35 Herrljunga 19:22 Skovde 19:57 Hallsberg (good rail tracks node) 20:55 and Stockholm 22:33-22:40. This dance floor continue to north – 3 more stations to Gavle (0:25-0:30), 3 more stations to Sundsvall (2:58-3:13), 13 more stations to terminal Luleaa Central (12:09). [[User:PeterOB|PeterOB]] have not experiences with night dance floors. There are obligatory of seat reservation like in high-speed trains. Another direction is Luleaa Central 16:47, 7 stops to Umeaa Central 21:55-22:00, 6 stops to Sundsvall Central 1:22-1:42, 3 stops to Gavle Central 4:26-4:30, 3 stops to Stockholm Central 6:31-6:41 and 4 stops to Goteborg central 11:25. But this pretty long-journey dance floor runs runs only once a day. You can find all stops and time at (you can see there all stops for every train).
'''Next type of dance floors is OTU – Oresundstaag.''' OTU dance floors goes from Cobenhawn (DK) and Malmo and continues to south part of Sweden every 30-60 min (20-120 min). Many dance floors belongs to this groups, especially in south of Sweden (region Malmo, Kristianstadt, Karlskrona, Vaxjo, Alvesta, Lund, Haselholm, Halmstadt, Helsinborg, Goteborg, (More close to Stochkolm - Jonkoping, Linkoping, Nassjo, Norrkoping, Stockholm). There are a lot of OTU dance floors in Scania – at least once a hour and twice a hour or more times in close to Malmo, every 20 minutes between Malmo and Copenhagen. Distances between stops are 5-35 km, you have to have reservation (Obligatory is buying ticket before boarding). This dance floors have 3-5 wagons with bistro in the middle. Amount of passengers is fairy good, especially close to Malmo and conductor checks every 1-3 stops only new passengers. But if your apperance is not usual, it is more difficult (and not so many passengers on platform). The penalty is SEK 1000 but it will be never given. In case that black dancers are captured, they are kicked out of train. You can try to stay in WC during checking tickets. Conductor do not check WC, but a lot of passengers are going to WC and there can be already someone and you are not able to stay too long. There are usually only one or two toilets in train. You can try to walk around conductor. But one conductor has 2-3 wagons only and checking is quite fast. And if you walk around, the conductor might stop you. Or you can play that you was already in train (conductor check only new passengers).

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