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The street '''Prenzlauer Promenade''' is called ''Prenzlauer Allee'' in the city centre and becomes the Autobahn A114 next to the ''S-Bahn'' station ''Pankow-Heinersdorf''. From there, just walk 500m down the bridge and you've got a traffic-light as well as two petrol stations, both on the right side for the drivers going towards the Autobahn. It may be worth walking to the second petrol station as it's cheaper and more frequented. However, it might happen that the staff at this second (Shell) station tell you to leave their property and threaten to call the police.
There is usually a lot of traffic on this road, so you could also hitch with a sign. Coming from ''Pankow-Heinersdorf", 50m before the first petrol station, there is a lane shoulder where cars can stop and people waiting at the traffic light are able to see you. <br>
Much of the traffic here is local, but there is also significant traffic towards [[Hamburg]] and [[Rostock]].<br>

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