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===North towards [[Canelones]] (Ruta 5), West towards [[Colonia del Sactamento]], [[Argentina]] (Ruta 1) ===
* Option 1: You can take bus #137 (Paso de la Arena), #370 (Cerro) or 17 (Casabo) from the roundabout at Palacio Legislativo. These buses most likely also pass downtown. The bus stop is behind the Palacio, next to the José Batlle y Ordóñez monument. The price for one ticket is $24 (November 2014). Get out at Av. Dr. Carlos Maria Ramirez, esq. (crossing with) Concordia. Ask somebody on the bus if you are not sure. If you miss it, you'll see yourself driving over the Ruta 1 highway, then just get out at the first next stop. From Concordia crossing, walk right into the side-road next to the bridge. You'll find yourself standing at the highway. Walk up about 200m to the on-ramp. You can use this ramp to hitchhike cars both on the highway and driving onto it. This place is also fine for hitchhiking towards La Paz, Canelones or [[Florida (Uruguay)|Florida]] along Ruta 5. From the on-ramp, well away from the city for about 1km, where Ruta 5 seperates. You will have better luck here as the initial on-ramp is a little busy.,- WARNING! DON'T GO TO THIS FUCKING PLACE NO MORE!!! I went here to hitch-hike three weeks ago. Two guys tried to rob me (yeah, right in front of the road, 2 o'clock afternoon), one had a gun and I ended up in the hospital same night, with my shoulder dislocated. DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T go to this place, please. I spoke with police later and they said that this neighborhood is dangerous now and walking here is a crazy idea (Natrix, your humble viajero from Lithuania, January, 2020).
<!-- # This is probably the same as option 1, but less accurate. We also did not see a service station there?! Have to check this in the near future ---Platschi # Option 2: Take bus 137 from Plaza Independencia (or somewhere else) and make sure you take it in the right direction (which is confusing in the beginning, because it seems to make a large detour). After half an hour or so you have to get out at the crossroad with Ruta 1. There is a gas station not far from there. Try to aim for black (Argentinian) number plates if you're heading to Argentina.-->
* Option 2: '''Bus 163''': Take a bus from anywhere of Montevideo with number 163 which will put u on the road 1. Do not get out on the first crossing of the highway, but on second. Ask the driver to tell you where. In Uruguay there are generally very little number of cars as the country is low populated.
* Option 3: Catch the Santiago Vazquez Take bus in downtown Montevideo towards Vazquez #127 (Delta del Tigre/Barra Santa Lucía) (U$36) and Mercedes (not sure of indicate to the bus number though, you should ask). When driver that you get want to Santiago Vazquez cross the bridge and start hitching after the toll. If going to Gualeguaychu get off in the 2 and start hitching thereat Peaje Santa Lucía. However it's strongly recommended to go to Colonia. If you're going from Colonia to Gualeguaychu hitch on The bus runs by the 21corner of Avenida General Rondeau/Paysandú street. Even if you will see This peaje is the ugliest towns in the country first toll booth on Ruta 1 leading towards Colonia de Sacramento and a great and you'll get cider instead easy spot to hitchhike out of water people are super niceMontevideo.
===East towards [[Atlántida]], [[Maldonado]] (IB), [[Brazil]]===

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