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[[User:Traveling_Charles|Traveling Charles]] and his companion mistakenly tried arriving at night and found only a few trucks being loaded onto the ferries. Be sure to arrive between 10:00 and 19:00 for best results. They were two people and split on to two trucks as the drivers wanted to make sure they also got food tickets. They recommend to make sure to just ask drivers, because they also tried getting help from the people loading the boats, which was the key for success on the Spanish side, but on the Moroccain side it was actually problematic to ask help from the workers. Balearia company seemed to be the best choice for boat companies.
As of March 2016, there is a guard whose sole job it is to not let anyone without a ticket through to the passport control. Discussion was unsuccessful, but it might depend on the individual.
There are often Buses with Moroccans going to Spain, Italy, or other European countries who don't pay the standard price for each passenger. Instead, there are ticket agents hanging around the terminal, who seem to negotiate bulk prices for the buses with the ferry companies. So if you find a nice agent and explain that you don't have much money, you might score free, or at least significantly cheaper tickets. When negotiating a price for 50 people, one or two more probably don't make any difference at all.
===Ferry to [[Italy]], [[Genova]] or [[Barcelona]]===

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