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[[User:DamnthatTelevision|DamnthatTelevision]] got a ride with the first camion he saw, and crossed the straight with the Moroccan driver, who also bought dinner and let him sleep at his place in [[Tangier]]. French was crucial, moroccan hospitality is legendary.
UPDATE: As of March 2016, renovations of the port seem to be complete. There doesn't seem to be a parking lot where Trucks to Morocco are waiting in the port, but you can just walk all the way through to the quay and ask around there. This has the added advantage that your ride should usually leave on the next ferry, as this is already where everybody is boarding the boat. Right before the last Police checkpoint, there can be quite a queue of trucks, whom you can also ask, but nobody seems to care if you walk past the checkpoint either. Next to the checkpoint there is also a parking lot, but the trucks there are coming from the ferries and are not going to Morocco.
If you are planning on buying a ferry ticket to Morocco, consider sailing out of the little-known port of Motril, which is an hour and a half south of Granada. If you don't want to make the detour all the way to Algeciras, the boat from Motril to [[Melilla]] costs about the same as from Algeciras to Ceuta (€36 for adult, €32 for ages 17-21). Drawbacks: Ferries leave only once a day, and the trip is several hours long (although you may enjoy the cruise). [[Melilla]] is a bit out of the way, but if you plan on heading straight for [[Fes]] or Tazekka National Park, it may be a good starting point.

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