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== Public transport ==
* The bus/tram ticket inspectors are not working after 7 pm 19:00 so a ticket check after this hour is highly unlikely* The buses and metro are running between 5 am 05:00 and 11 pm23:00
* 1 Ticket is 1.5 Lei (0.30 EUR)
* Controllers in Romania are very sneaky. They don't get on at bus stops but instead they go on at traffic lights. So that way no one can get out of the bus and they can catch people easier. They usually go in near the front so if you want a chance of escaping then sit right next to the front door and dash out really quickly when the door is open for them to get on. Otherwise, if you get caught try saying you have no money and that you are traveling by autostop (romanian word for hitchhiking) around the world with no money. Having a hitchhiking sign and backpack would help your story :) This worked once for Luke and Sma. Controllers just gave back our passports and left us alone whereas a few minutes earlier they were threatening to call the police.
* Buses have a special program for night also. They start their route from "Piata Unirii" between 23 pm :00 and 6 am06:00. The buses start the routes at sharp hours.
== Other ==
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