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Sault Ste. Marie

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Get yourself left at the corner of Black Road/2nd Line Road along the TC17 coming from the East or even further along the Great Northern Road anywhere between the 2nd Line Road and the 4th Line Road.
Note that the minimum distance you should accept is to at the Crossroad with the Trans-Canada 11 in [[Nipigon]], which is at a distance of 580km from Sault Ste Marie. Beware of not stopping in [[Wawa (Ontario)]].<= I disagree. I believe it's all about what you look like. If you look harmless, usually anyone will stop. There is always traffic, especially big trucks. Now to get rides with big trucks, you have to ask them at gas stations. My wait time in WaWa was 15 minutes (
This is a notoriously tough location to get any rides out of, so don't be too alarmed if you have to wait as much as 1-3 days to get a ride. Most traffic heading north is local traffic who are unable to take you to Nipigon. Long-distance trucks do not have ample space to pull over on the narrow shoulder, neither is it safe for them to do so on the short ascend to a tight curve at the top of a hill. You are probably best off talking to drivers at a truckstop to get a ride to North to Thunder Bay. If you are lonely and bored, know that you probably will not be the only hitchhiker paying for a Greyhound bus ticket to Thunder Bay.

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