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There's also a pretty decent spot outside Lee's station. Walk up to Lee's Ave, turn right, and walk past the apartment complexes to the Trans Canada on-ramp. There isn't a shoulder, but there is a paved area right at the entrance of the On-Ramp where cars can stop. Wait times are usually under 40 mins, although can be longer depending on the day.
== South East towards [[Cornwall]] ==
Cornwall from Ottawa is fairly difficult. It may be just better to just hitchhike to the 401 (follow directions to Toronto), then at the onroutes ask people who are going to Cornwall. This is a less direct ride but you have much better chances on the 401.
However, it is possible to hitchhike to Cornwall with a shorter method. Follow instructions hitchhike to Montreal. Tell the driver to drop you at Casselman. take 138 road. This is supposed to be a 80km limit road but drivers treat it like a highway so STAY SAFE.
here you can flag cars down directly to Cornwall. I did this in the winter hitch-biking with a foldable bike. Took 5 hours in total. [[User:Jackfang|Jackfang]]
== West towards [[North Bay]]/[[Sudbury]] ==

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