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= Location Proposals =
== Example location Uckermark, [[Germany]] ==Write an overview here. Include exact location with coordinates (e.g. 42.892231,27.899687).
Include pictures if possibleThe place is about 100km North of [[Berlin]] & belongs to a friend.Nobody lives there, it's basically just a piece of land with an old stable on it. It has seen quite a few large parties. There should be enough space for a couple hundred tents<br>Located at the edge of a small village, right nearby a lake where we can swim.Water & electricity can probably be obtained from the neighbors. The area (Uckermark) is very calm, many people have been moving away to the cities, but Berliners come here to find a quiet reatreat. <br> There are countless nice lakes & clear night skies all around. There should be quite a few dumpsters within 20-30km. If there is some interest in having the gathering here, I will ask the owner. '''Coordinates:''' 53°06'49.9"N 13°46'18.8"E
=== SeedCamp / Organizers ===
Team of people who are ready to travel in this location and take responsibility on the ground before others arrive*[[User:* Name | contact details Mohit| special contribution/interestsKai]] & Lotta
=== Pros ===
*List lakes & nature*proximity to Berlin*only 10km to the good sides that speak nearest motorway exit on the [[A11_(Germany)|A11]]*compost toilets & basic shelter (for arranging the Hitchgathering food, firewood, etc) already in place*probably rather warm & sunny* in this location.Schengen
=== Cons ===
*List the hindrances for organizing in Schengen*mosquitoes*not the gathering herewarmest of places / there could be rain*not totally secluded
=== Discussion ===
*Other people can comment in this section

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