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*'''December 2015 - end of January 2016''' — Nomadbase Lisbon: []. Welcome.
*'''2825 December '15 -29 November~5 January '16 ''' — [http'''Christmas & NYE Gathering in Vienna''' Short-Term Nomadbase in Vienna around NYE:// HungaroHitch] announces ColdHitchI invite anyone of you to spend time in here, which will the flat fits around 15-20 people (that would be a hitchhiker race reeeeally cozy :D), dumpsters are usually tremendously full these days, we can have fun in the city and starts from Budapest, Hungarycelebrate the new year! End-Date is not fixed and will be updated accordingly. For questions: [[http profile.php?id=100007764166587 Facebook]] or [[mailto:[email protected] email]]. 
Please make sure events are in chronological order (recent on top) when moving multiple events here at once. Thanks!
*'''28-29 November''' — [ HungaroHitch] announces ColdHitch, which will be a hitchhiker race and starts from Budapest, Hungary! [[ Facebook]].
*'''1 October - 5 October''' — [ Hitchhiking Challenge] to this year's Transeuropa Festival in [[Belgrad]].
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