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I am from Elbasan, Albania. I like love hitchhiking, and my first experience inspirator is Xnothingxheldxbackx ore Taylor Booth (Canadian) guy RIP. He was a true soul of hitchhiking. And i am so sorry i didnt meet him in person. I havent hitchhiked a lot but i am trying to hitchhike.  '''Statistics:''' '''MACEDONIA''' total 108.7 km '''03 April 2015''' Hitchhiked with a female friend from my city [[Elbasan]] [[Albania]] to Struga , [[Macedonia]]. Total 4 lifts from Elbasan to Struga.Than i hitchhiked alone from Struga to Ohrid, Ohridwhich was not a long route. 1 lift. '''05 April 2015'''Coming back from Struga to Albania. It was very cold, raining and it looked that nobody would give me a lift but after 20 or 30 minutes waiting a car stoped and they were Macedonia albanians who give me a lift to Albania,   '''MONTENEGRO''' total 155 km '''27 July 2015'''After camping for three days with 7 friends, near the canyons of Cem river near Podgorica, me and a female friend begane hitchhiking from Dinosha to Tuz and than we walked for around 15 km from Tuz to the Albanian border. [[File: 2015-07-27-0079.jpg]]   An albanian friend gave us a lift maybe 3 or 5 km to the border. Also we took another lift here to Shkoder, Bitola Shkoder to Lezha and Skopjethe last was Lezha to Tirana.

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