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See how fast you can complete one lap (timed from the moment you start waiting on the side of the road, until the moment the car you're in crosses the line). Sanne and [[User:Tmoon|Tom]], hitchhiking as a pair, completed 1 lap in about 9 minutes (we forgot to time exactly) on 10 May 2009. If you are in Monaco, give it a go, time yourself and let the world know how you did!
== Sleep ==
Ofcourse it's better to find a place to sleep in a nearby cities, because it's hard to find a good place for a tent in Monaco. I can recommend you one place in Italy, before the French border. If you age going from Italy, it's a really only one good place on the way from Ventimiglia to Monaco. Trust me, i made all this way on foot and check everything along the road. Two kilometres before the border there is a tunnel Galleria Mortola, after you pass this tunnel, turn left and you will see railway and the small bridge for pedestrians that cross this raillway. Cross it and you'll see nice green area on the rock with amazing view on a night Monaco.
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