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July 2014: ''I hitchhiked around Iraqi Kurdistan for about a week. I found it fantastically easy to find a ride. I hitched in from Turkey and got my free visa. When I was leaving the Kurdish border control office, a Peshmerga soldier flagged down a bus to take me all the way to Erbil (Hêwler) for free. After staying a couple nights with the deaf community in Erbil, I hitchhiked north and was offered a place to sleep in Akre by the Syrian family who gave me a ride. Afterwards, I hitched up to Amedi, where I stayed with some friends of the Kurdish border control officer I met a few days before. On my way back to Turkey, I was given a hotel room in Zakho for the night. I have nothing but good things to say about Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.'' - [[User:Sirrdc|Sirrdc]]
=== Links ===
*The female blogger from [ The Tourist] went to Iraqi Kurdistan several times from 2007 to 2015 and [ has quite some stories to tell].

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