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'''Note:''' Due to construction work, the spot on the ramp between Santo Ovídio and this petrol station, previously mentioned in this article, is no option anymore. The highway starts right after the small pedestrian crossing traffic lights at the end of the Santo Ovídio metro station and walking here is prohibited.
=== The route to [[France ]] ===
For people trying to go from Porto and enter France as fast as possible. Go to the second Gas station, get lift in the direction of Viseu and then get dropped at any petrol station and then look out for cars and Portugese trucks which are going to France or cars that are from Belgium or Netherlands. Be patient and ensure you do not get down anywhere else but only '''petrol stations'''; don't go with drivers to their city center or you will get stuck. Near border of Spain before the border if you are at a gas station, wait until you find a car or truck that goes all the way to Saint Sebastian, a Spanish town on the French border. You will have to be patient and you will definitely find with a little time and patience. Try to get a direct ride to France ( so that you can '''skip Spain''') which is a disaster for long distance hitchhiking.
=== North towards [[Braga]] and [[Spain]] ([[Vigo]], [[Santiago de CompostellaCompostela]]) ===
==== Option 1 ====

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