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|map = <map lat='51.34905637539417' lng='12.192935943603516' zoom='13' view='3' />
|state = Saxony
|pop = 512587.000857
|plate = L
|motorways = {{Ade|9}} {{Ade|14}}
'''Leipzig''' is a the biggest city in the [[Germany|German]] ''Bundesland'' [[Saxony]], and is famous for its alternative scene. Check out Plagwitz, Südvorstadt , the "Eisenbahnstraße" (most dangerous street in Germany according to some newspapers) and Connewitz if you're there.
== Hitchhiking out ==
Take the bus #131 from the city center to ''Dölzig'' and get out at ''Südstraße'', one stop before the ''Nova Eventis'' center. You can hitchhike directly from the bus stop. Try to find your ride here towards [[Berlin]] or [[Munich]]!
Beware, that bus doesn't run very often. Check [ the timetable] (Jan 2013).
The hitching position behind the traffic lights is not recommended, because the keeping area is not there anymore. The bus stop works fine anyway. --[[User:Korn|Korn]] ([[User talk:Korn|talk]]) 01:45, 24 October 2015 (CEST)
;Second option
It's also possible to get to the spot described above with tram #7 in direction ''Böhlitz-Ehrenberg''. Get out at the tram stop ''Georg-Schwartz-Strasse/Merseburger Strasse''. From there, walk back some 10m towards the main road and walk right towards the ''Aral'' petrol station, across the road from which you can catch a ride to the A9. If you don't like the spot, follow the road for 200m until you passed a ''Lidl'' supermarket, and after that some meters further you'll find a bus stop (''Lindenau Friedhof''). From there you can easily hitchhike a ride towards ''Dölzig'' and/or the motorway. Make sure to get out at the last traffic lights before the motorway. Just behind the traffic lights, thereThere's a small bay bus stop where cars you can stop hitchhike easily. A sign might be useful. Hitchhiking ~800m further directly at the [[on-ramp]] is pretty dangerous, there's no place for cars to stop and traffic passes by pretty fast.
;Third option
Asking people for a lift towards Berlin on the {{Ade|9}} or towards Magdeburg on the {{Ade|14}} (which is also the way to go for Hamburg) usually works just fine here.
Do keep in mind that the The first rest stop going north from here will be '''[[:de:Köckern Ost|Köckern Ost]]''' on the {{Ade|9}} whereas , that isn't too far. On the {[Ade|14]}, it would be is '''[[:de:Plötzetal Ost|Plötzetal Ost]]''' which is past Halle. Most of the A14 traffic goes to Halle so you might want to get the ride anyway and get off at the non-gas-station rest area that is on the {{Ade|14}}A14, before Halle but after the branch-off to Berlin.
=== East towards [[Dresden]] {{Ade|14}} {{Ade|38}} ===
[[File:Hitching spot leipzig.jpg|thumb|220px|right|Spot in Leipzig described in Option 2 for hitchhiking North or South]]
;First Closer optionTake a Tram tram to the stop "Paunsdorfer AllePermoser Str./Permoser StrasseTorgauer Str." (3/3E direction "Taucha"; or Bus 90 direction "Paunsdorfcenter"; check here before: You walk some 50 meters along "Permoser Straße" (the one without tram tracks) and start hitchhiking from there. Drivers already see you from the traffic light and can stop easily on the "white lines". While heading east you'll also find gas stations to ask people directly. ;Far option oneTake a tram to the stop "Paunsdorfer Alle/Permoser Strasse". Show a sign saying "Dresden" and find a good spot on the street towards east which is close to the motorway junction already. There is lots of good experience reports about this spot.
;Second Far optiontwo
Take the Tram #15 or #2 from the city center towards ''Meusdorf'' and get out at the last station. Go 250 Meters further to the next bus stop. This is the best spot to [[Dresden]] via {{Ade|38}} and {{Ade|14}}/{{Ade|4}}.
;Third optionYou can take tram #3 or Bus 90 to the stop "Paunsdorfer AlleRaststätte /Permoser Straße". You walk some 50 meters along "Permoser Straße" (the one without tram tracks) and start hitchhiking from there. Drivers already see you from the traffic light and can stop easily on the "white lines".service area Muldental
In direction Dresden you then have a service area called "Muldental" since a lot of people turn of before Dresden so that you can use also the rather local traffic(to Grimma or further).
=== West towards [[Erfurt]], [[Cologne|Köln]], [[Belgium]] {{Ade|4}} ===
Getting caught without a ticket:
* fine is 40 60 EUR, payable by bank transfer in about 10 days
* I don't know if there are special rules if you possess a non-German ID

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