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Most populated cities it may be harder to find rides, especially around the Greater Vancouver Area & inward toward the west coast. In order to hitchhike out of Vancouver first take the Skytrain to Gateway Station in Surrey. From a bus stop across the street, a bus will take you fairly close to a certain highway on-ramp on the Trans Canada. Bus drivers will be able to give more specific information.
Another way to hitch east would be to take the Millenium line sky-train to Braid Lougheed Town Centre station, where you take the express bus 555 to Carvolth. It really is an express bus, and thus faster than the ones starting in Surrey. Carvolth is a bus stop right on highway one, between Langley Centre and Fort Langley. At the moment, the on-ramp right next to the bus stop is being renovated, but if you walk a bit back west, you will find another one. (As well as some gas stations with accessible dumpsters.)
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