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You can also only bring 2 packs of cigarettes, since they are much more expensive in Chile.
To enter Chile there is first a stop where they give the driver a piece of paper saying how many people are in the vehicule. If you are not going to go all the way with the same driver don't forget to ask for a specific piece that say you are crossing on foot or something. Also drivers can be reluctant to pick you up all the way through the border so a sign sayin' Fronteira Frontera or Aduana might help (then you can speak with them in the car)
In the north, most of the trucks will not pick you up because are afraid that Gendarmes can complains, [[User:Eazy|eazy]] took a lift from a local truck and asked the driver to stop a Paraguayan truck for him.
== Healthcare ==
"In Chile, the '''posta rurales''' operate on a no-pay basis, which is very different form the way proper hospitals do things in this country. In the postas, anyone, from anywhere, in entitled to free medical treatment and any medicines that are available, similar to the way they do things in Bolivia. The sacrifice is that the postas are not usually equipped with proper doctors (only paramedics), or operating facilities. " - from
''I wish I had known this! The "public" hospital in [[Copiapo]] asked for 24000 CLP just to see a doctor!'' -[[user:Dr.Keith|Keith]]

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