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''Adventure #63:'' '''Missed a Titsa''', 5km, March 2015
''Adventure #64:'' '''Killarney or bust''', 703km, August 2015
<span style="color:red">'''Please check [[User:Tmoon/log|my log]] for an overview of all my adventures.'''</span>
''Distance travelled:'' '''27266km27969km''': 9428km alone, 12979km 13682km with one other hitchhiker, 4025km in a group of three, 816km in a group of four, 2km in a group of five, never in a group of six, and 16km in a group of seven; hitched road vehicles for 26675km 27378km (including 9km by bus, 39km by coach, 63km by taxi, and one Eurotunnel journey), trains for 590km, trams for 1km, and not hitched by sea or air... yet
''Longest lift:'' '''589km''', from [[Povegliano Est]] ([[A22 (Italy)|A22]] services near [[Verona]], Italy), to [[Feucht]] ([[A9 (Germany)|A9]] services near [[Nürnberg]], Germany), in September 2009. The driver was going from [[Bologna]] to [[Szczecin]], and took four hitchhikers in a five-seater car at the same time
''My definition of 'hitchhike':'' a journey madewhich is
*for ''free'' (if on public transport, then a free ride where you'd normally have to pay),
*arranged ''at the moment the journey starts''
*with the ''explicit consent'' of the vehicle driver,
*who is otherwise a ''complete stranger'' to you, and*you have the option of declining the ride.
(i.e. no car-pooling schemes or similar, public transport drivers must agree to let you travel without paying, lifts from friends-of friends, work colleagues etc don't count, and neither do enforced rides in police vehicles)

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