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Hitchhiking Records

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== The largest sum of money that was given to a hitchhiker by a driver ==
*'''500 DM''', according to '''Sahin Sisic''', from Holland.
== Hitchhiking lap records of famous racing circuits ==
''From a standing start (standing on the start/finish line), thumb a vehicle down, get in it, and complete 1 lap of the circuit in the correct direction. The clock starts when you put your thumb out, and the clock stops when you cross the finish line 1 lap later.''
=== Circuit de [[Monaco]] ===
* '''9 minutes, 12 seconds (approx)''': Sanne and [[User:Tmoon|Tom]], hitchhiking as a pair, on 10 May 2009.
== Guiness Book of Records Hitchhiking Entries ==

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