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''Traffic can be very low at times, as described above. Hitchhiking around the Ciudad de la Costa east of (next to) Montevideo seems to be very difficult, several times failed in hitchhiking between Carrasco airport and Atlantida. All other roads are fine, just be aware that anywhere outside of the cities traffic gets rare fastly, mostly locals driving to the next estancia. When waiting to get a straight ride to a next, bigger city, e.g. between Melo and Tacuarembo, one can wait ages. Hopping between estancias works fine, but even seemingly short-distance trips in the countryside can take their time. Notable, though, is that [[night hitchhiking]] works pretty awesome so far, from Paysandu to Montevideo it was no problem at all, and also from Rocha to Maldonado once it took me less than a couple of minutes to score a ride (given that traffic exists at that time of day). --[[User:Platschi|Platschi]] ([[User talk:Platschi|talk]]) 22:34, 21 December 2013 (CET)
Here is a short analyze of hitchhiking in Uruguay from [[User:Korn]] on [ - warmroads].
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