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(March 2012) Impossible. Because the way is longer (they told me more than 8h, to Barcelona is about 24h and Genova 48h) they ask for documents, driving license and a 100€ ticket for the codriver of the truck. That's why all companies just pay for one driver. [[User:Fedecicco|Fedecicco]] asked drivers but all refused to take him.
=== South towards [[Rabat]], [[Tetouan]] (from Port Tanger Med) ===
From the main exit of the port, follow the main road (the only one that trucks can run on). You'll see a sign reading first "Toutes directions", and "Tetouan", and then "Tetouan, Rabat". After a walk of some 2 km you'll reach a large roundabout. There is plenty of room for cars to stop, though you'll continually have to wave taxis off.
For going to Rabat, another option is to take a train to Asilah, the first stop south of Tangier. From there it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the highway. Ask for the Afriquia gas station and you'll find plenty of cars and trucks there.
=== South towards [[Tetouan]] (from Tanger City) ===
Find your way to the Tanger Morora (Moghogha) Railway Station. You can walk from the city centre, but you could also take a bus. Walking from the centre, you should already be on the big road (N2) towards Tetouan. To get to the N2, you may have to ask your way through, as signage is rather poor. The road begins after a big roundabout (Place de la Ligue Arabe), which also marks the start of the big road towards Rabat (N1) in the other direction. After some time, you will pass another roundabout and then a bridge crossing the rails, from which you can also see the railway station. After the bridge, you can start hitching by the side of the road. Cars should be able to stop there. It might also be possible to start hitching right in the city centre once you're on the N2, but that may mean more local traffic and less people leaving Tanger.
== Public transportation ==

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