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* Use a small bike that can take the wheels easy, can be useful to strip it out of not needed items (like mudguards) to make packing smaller and easier
* Try to ask car drivers for a hitch, not only vans and trucks, people tend to be really helpful with cyclists, and you will find out a bike can fit in many cars (on the back sit). ([[User:taborda]] hitchbiking from [[Amsterdam]] to [[Portugal]] just got one hich offer where the bike actually didn't fit, on all others it was possible to fit the bike - mostly in "normal" cars)
* Always take the front wheel off, and make sure it's visible you have the bicycle and are hitchhiking. Having a sign helps drivers know you are looking for a ride (as opposed to being broken down and looking for help).
(Keep the bike out of sight for the driver can also be useful depending on the situation. This is better when you know that your disassembled or folded bike can fit most cars )
== Countries ==

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