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[[Image:Foldable hitchbike.jpg|300px|thumb|right|HitchBiking at Swiss alps]]'''Hitchbiking''' is a mixture between hitchhiking and biking.  Instead of waiting on on single spot for someone to [[Picking up hitchhikers|pick you up]] you are sitting on a bike, already heading for your destination. Once a Pickup Truck or a big truck shows up you rise your thumb and smile. (Or use a sign.)Some prefer to park the bike at a good [[Where to hitchhike|Hitchhiking spot]] and wait there for a ride.  Others again have a folding bike and can put their bike in a normal car trunk/boot.  One can also use skateboards or rollerblades, but do expect to rely on hitchhiking more for long distances.
=== Pros ===

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