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== Hitchhiking with a foldable bike ==
Foldable bikes with a 16 or 20 inch diameter balances speed and space. This means within most cities you don't need public transportation but you also can hitchhike normally by folding the bike and placing it in a bag.
You may find a 24 inch too large for the average family car.
Anything smaller has around the same speed as roller blades a scooter or a skateboard, but much more expensive.
If achieving long distances is your goal, biking to a good hitchhiking spot such as a service station, then hitchhiking is a reliable option. User [[Jackfang]] found that when hitchhiking, hiding the foldable bike out of the driver's sight increased the chance of getting a ride rather than showing the driver the bike, even if it is a foldable bike. This is because many people who may consider to take you can use the bike as an excuse and say no space. Showing the bike to a driver may build trust, however. So consider whether or not to show the bike in it's folded form when hitchbiking.

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