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== License plates ==
Hungarian license plates do not contain any marking about where the car comes from. Typical and most common license plates have three black letters and three black numbers on a white background. Police has plates starting with RB, and the taxi ones are yellow.
==Personal experiences==
[[User:eSko|eSko]]: A perfect country for HHing, I was there a few days as in cities as in rural areas. In south and close to Austria border people speak more German than English and especially in rural areas it seemed sometimes like almost every car stopped for me. When I was going to Pecs (South) I had to HH on the highway #6 as on the ramp was no traffic, the thing is that in Hungary people have to pay for highway and right next to the highway 6 is a smaller road where people don't pay, that's why some highways might not be the best choice but if you HH on highway police don't seem to care much, once they saw me thumbing and didn't evven stop and second time a police car stopped, they looked like they didn't know much what to do with me so they sent me away but I came back anyway xD
== Cities ==

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