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'''2014 IMPORTANT UPDATE''': I tried to hitch a truck to Morocco August 2014 and there were major renovations going underway all around the port, meaning there is no longer a nice easy parking lot where truckers park before getting on the ships. It took me almost 10 hours of searching but I finally got someone by standing by the road near the boarding platform. There is a parking lot to the south where you will see lots of truckers, but DO NOT go here, as it is only for truckers coming off the boats, and there are lots of guards who will shoo you away. Here is rough instructions to get to the spot I found: Walk towards the main terminal (where the public buys tickets). Take a left and follow the Tangers/Truck signs. You should pass a big warehouse and eventually (just north of the warehouse) come to a little gas station. Just next to the gas station in front of the cement deviders is your best chance. Trucks pass there on the way to boarding, and often times park and relax for a bit. It's not ideal, but it will work. The situation should change rapidly as the renovations continue, so if you hitch it please update this section -[[User:PhysicsHipster|PhysicsHipster]]
UPDATE February 2015: A hitchhiking couple, Ewelina and Luís had to wait for around five hours (8-13) until they got a ride (this is not counting with the couple of hours they spent the night before checking how the place looked like and trying their luck - which was useful to be quicker getting around next morning). They followed the directions mentioned by PhysicalHipsterPhysicsHipster. Close to the little gas station there's a roundabout where the trucks pass through a gate towards the main parking lot. They managed to cross it easily, both at day- and nighttime, without any problems from the workers who didn't say anything when they got to know they were trying to hitch to Morocco. Just as both of them managed to find drivers willing to take them onboard, a not-so-empathetic worker didn't allow Luís to get on the truck without a ticket. Soon the police arrived and they were both told to head back to the roundabout. Again, not much traffic, but Ewelina managed to get a ride in ~10 minutes and Luís also found a truck driver after another 30 minutes, both luckily on the same ferry (the explanation "my girlfriend is already onboard, and me here on this roundabout" was convincing enough).
The port in Tanger Med is huge, it has many platforms and the main building is quite big. So getting to meet on the same boat was really fortunate and made things easier (they had only one phone).

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