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===Heading Southeast to [[Luleå]] or [[Finland]]===
In Kiruna there are only two main roads heading in the direction you want to go. These streets are '''Lombololeden''' or '''Malmvägen''', it is a small town so if you head down either of these roads to the East then you'll eventually find the roundabout where the two of them meet. Only ''Lombololeden'' follows the [[E10]] the entire way.
Ray hitchhiked out of the roundabout at '''Österleden''' and '''Lombololeden''' and had no problem finding a truck going all the way to Finland. Many trucks pass through Kiruna from [[Narvik]] in [[Norway]].
Smaller villages around Kiruna (Svappavara, Vittangi, Gallivare...) offer significantly lower chances of getting a ride than from Kiruna. One should consider rejecting a ride to a halfway town and waiting for a better ride. On the other hand, these towns have small hospitals that are open (but not running) 24h, in case one gets stranded there.

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