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== Hitching out ==
===East and North-East towards [[Macedonia, Bitola, Skopje, Thessaloniki]] ===
Tip: If you head for Macedonia, you can just take Ikea bus (it's free) from city center and stop near the entrance of Egnatia street. Then hitch on the ramp to direction Thessaloniki... It's easier than go to that petrol station mentioned above
Also this on ramp is perdect if you go to Thessaloniki (did many times, never had a problem).
===East towards Meteora, Larissa===
Do NOT take the old national road that swings north over the lake. No one uses that road. Though there is a bus for 5 euro to the next town East where you can keep hitching. Take the IKEA bus (free) from the center, and get off at the crossroads of the ignatia (highway), Hitch on the on-ramp. If you go to Meteora or Larissa some kilometers after Metsovo you have to leave Egnatia and take E06 road.
===East towards Albania, Gjirokaster, Tirana===

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