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Hey! I know about svg and I try to use them as much as possible but now I was lazy to create redirects (for consistent names) at wikimedia commons. Or some kind of "province to image name" converter in a template could work... I might do it later. [[User:Kundrt|Kundrt]] ([[User talk:Kundrt|talk]]) 21:38, 25 November 2014 (UTC)
== Personal blog articles in News ==
Hey Prino, how are you doing? Hope all is fine! I was just wondering, you added a personal blog post to the 'News' section of hitchwiki. Imho, your personal blog post does not really fit among the other items usually added to the news section (book releases, events, etc.). This might be an example case for other bloggers, and I wonder how the news section might get cluttered in the future if everyone would add his personal blog posts in the news section. We already got [[Blogging Hitchhikers]] for that. I'm hesitating to reverse the news item for now, and first wanted to give space for a short discussion.
One idea to solve this might be to add (HINT to the HW Hackathon dudes) a separate news section to the main page for blogs or personal articles (maybe some sort of aggregator as the planet we had back in the 00's, see [[Hitchhiking Planet]]), which could be automatically or manually updated by authors more frequently. What do you think?
Cheers and ''alvast een fijne jaarwisseling toegewenst!'' :) --[[User:Platschi|Platschi]] ([[User talk:Platschi|talk]]) 16:00, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

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