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São Paulo

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=== North towards [[Belo Horizonte]] (BR-381)===
There is a gas station with mcdonalds a McDonalds on the BR-381, not very far from São Paulo city and reachable by bus. It is not very big, but you can definitely get a ride till lift to the next bigger , larger one.It is easy to get there with a bus, but it takes, however, a lot of time (a journey of around an one hour ride).
Bus 1783-10 you can take from the metro L1 Santana station, it departs every 20 minutes. Bus 2023-10 departs from the same metro line L1, but three stations further north, Tucuruvi. Check google maps to be sure where to take the bus, and if the route still exists. Ask the driver for Rodoviaria Fernão Dias, it is the name of the motorway BR-381 going direction Belo Horizonte. The busses bring you very close to the motorway, and then you have 3 minutes walk till the gas station. You will have to cross the motorway over the bridge.

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