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{{Infobox Location
|country = [[Colombia]]
|state = [[Distrito Capital]]
|map = <map lat="'4.679833099455197" 61002528850565' lng="'-74.14843749999567" 08183288573814' zoom="11" '9' view="0" />
|pop = 7,674,366 (2013)
|plate = Bogota DC, Bogota STFE
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== South Southwest towards [[Ibague]]/[[Cali]]/[[Ecuador]] ===
Instead of hitching on the side of the road, it is best to go to a '''[[gas station]] in Soacha ''' ([ map]) and talk to [[truck]] drivers. To get there, take the TransMileno to the southernmost station, "Portal Del Sur". Follow the signs leading to "Autopista del Sur", and take a van going to "Soacha". Ask to get dropped off at the end of town, past "El Parque", at the end of town. From there, walk to the [ Terpel] gas station.
There you will find plenty of trucks going all the way to [[Cali]], especially early in the morning, as it '''normally''' is a 13 hour ride.  === Northwest towards [[Medellín]], [[Manizales]] ===There is a '''Terpel gas station''' ([ map]) with plenty of trucks going this way. From the bus/transmileneo station "Portal 80", take any bus going towards "Villamery" or "La Florida" and ask to get off at "Parque Agroindustrial de Occidente". It will be right before a pedestrian bridge and a big sign that says "Kokoriko". The staff at this station were hitchhiker-friendly (2014).  It can take 14 hours to get to [[Medellín]] by truck so leave early!
== Accomodation and sleep ==
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== Public transport ==
== Internet ==
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== Eating ==
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== Places to avoid ==
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== Other useful info ==
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== Personal experiences ==

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