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'''User Dante1919:''' "I travelled with metro three days in Prague with my backpack and etc. Never saw any kind of control and never had troubles with it. Mostly I was getting to central so called dangerous stations and nothing happened. As a master of black riding :) I can say, if you get caught just tell the controller that you are travelling without money and they will leave you alone. It worked for me in 5 different countries."
''Eshcar: My experience from September 2014 was bad. The controller came to us in the night tram, and even though we explained him there's no place to buy a ticket he insisted on either we'll give him a passport or we'll go to the police. Apparently, the police is going on these trams and there were a couple of them in the back of the tram, speaking no English. Shortly thereafter, on the next stop, they escorted us to the police station, and we ended up paying 800Kč each. After that we bought tickets, and got controlled a few more times. Obviously it's a matter of luck, but be sure that if they want the money from you they can take you to the station - and depends on how far you want to go with it - we gave up at the entrance to the station and went to withdraw the money."''
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