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From the RER A station walk South for about 1 km along a bigger road which will lead you to a roundabout. You can try hitchhiking from there but the needed petrol station will be just a bit more than 2 km from there. You can walk on the grass field next to the motorway. The petrol station is called ''Aire de Ferrières'' and it's "TOTAL" company.
Another option to reach this petrol station is to walk through the industrial zone of ''Bussy'' area, to the South of the railway, then reach the bridge over the motorway and follow further by walking on the grass until the actual petrol station (note that as of February 2011, there was a nice-sized fence to hop after crossing the bridge. nothing too difficult, but a big backpack makes it harder!). Most of the walk will be on the road which means you will save some time while at the same time such a walk won't be so annoying if you happen to hitchhike in winter (then you apparently don't wanna go through the fields).
Here's a [,2.744594&ll=48.836023,2.723494&spn=0.034406,0.071583&num=1&t=m&z=14 map].

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